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Bandsaw - Bandsaw
The bandsaw is made up of  2 wheels, a blade, and a table. As the wheels rotate, the blade also rotates and cuts the wood.
Bonded General - Bonded General
Our wheels have excellent wear abilities, resistant to oil and chemicals. They keep long drive with high speed.
Applications of the wheels are, light and heavy duty wheels, elevator pulleys, and all kinds of mechanical elastic wheels.
Caster - Caster
A Caster Wheel is a type of wheel that pivots.
Clarifier - Clarifier
Forklift - Forklift
Gentech manufactures various sizes of forklift wheels.
Linishing - Linishing
This Polyurethane Linishing Wheel which Gentech manufactures lasts considerable longer than rubber.  Wheel for linishing non ferrous metal parts.  Improves belt life and leaves smooth, shadow free finish.
Manipulator Wheels - Manipulator Wheels
Non Crush - Non Crush
Gentech manufactures the highest quality non-marking no crush wheels that move cardboard through scoring machinery in the production of corrugated boxes. Urethanes excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and tearing improves productivity and increases the precision and quality of scoring and creasing.
Pallet Trolley - Pallet Trolley
Gentech manufactures wheels for Pallet Trolleys.
Stitcher - Stitcher
Gentech manufactures a variety of sizes from rubber and polyurethane elastomer for an extended life span.
Trunions - Trunions
Wood Working/Feeder - Wood Working/Feeder
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