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Degreasers - Carbon Remover
Carb-tec dissolves heavy carbon and tacky deposits from engines and machinery.
Degreasers - Emulsifier
Degreases engines and machinery.  It removes oil grease and light carbon build-up.
Degreasers - Industrial - Heavy Duty   View Specifications
PS23 Industro Degreaser is a water-based caustic formulation with high performance / heavy duty degreasing ability and exhibits low toxicity.
Degreasers - Multi-Purpose   View Specifications
Multi-purpose Industrial Water-based Detergent.  It penetrates, emulsifies and removes dirt, oil, wax, mildew, bilge scum, grease and grime.  Used for maintenance and cleaning operations in the food processing, automotive, machine shops and other industries as well as on board ships, in hospitals and schools.
Degreasers - Phosphate Free
Phosphate-free cleaner.  It is a biodegradable industrial cleaner for environmentally sensitive areas.
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