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Ceramic R-Metal - Ceramic R-Metal   View Specifications
Ceramic R-Metal is a repair system designed for rebuilding metals damaged by erosion-corrosion.
Ceramic S-Metal - Ceramic S-Metal   View Specifications
Ceramic S-Metal is a repair system designed for surfacing metals attacked by erosion-corrosion.
Degreaser/Cleaner - Degreaser/Cleaner   View Specifications
Solvent for degreasing.
High Temp Coating - High Temp Coating   View Specifications
Coating system for high temperature equipment handling water and aqueous solutions.
Other - Other
Metal erosion is a continual problem in Industry and often results in costly equipment having to be replaced, such as pumps, valves and pipes.
SR Elastomer - SR Elastomer   View Specifications
A two-part, rapid curing elastomeric material for repairing and rebuilding rubber components.  Allows repaired component to be put back into service almost immediately.
Super E-Metal - Super E-Metal   View Specifications
Super E-Metal is a rapidly solidifying repair system for emergency and permanent bonding, repairing or rebuilding of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Super Metal - Super Metal   View Specifications
Engineering grade repair system for repairing and rebuilding machinery and equipment.
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