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Braided Asb/Inc - Style 1028   View Specifications
Klinger Style 1028 is the ideal high-temperature, high-pressure valve stem packing.  Constructed in the braid-over-core method, the jacket is manufactured from high-grade long fibre asbestos yarn reinforced with inconel wire, ensuring high tensile strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures and pressures.
Braided PTFE - Style 54S   View Specifications
Klinger Style 54S is manufactured in Klinger-lock construction from pure PTFE filament yarns which have been surface treated with PTFE dispersion prior to braiding. This, along with modern technology used in the braiding process, results in an almost perfectly square packing ensuring increased sealing contact with reduced gland pressures.
Valvelon (PTFE) - Valvelon (PTFE)   View Specifications
Valve Seal has a braided jacket of PTFE wrapped around a pliable core of PTFE. It is chemically resistant and easily compresses into uneven flanges to fill voids. Because of its low friction characteristics and because it never hardens, it is most ideal for Valve Gland Packing.
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