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Pressure Wave Switch - Pressure Wave Switch - Bircher   View Specifications
The pressure wave technique is mainly used as entrapment protection on public transportation doors and generally as door opening system.
Additional applications are in the sanitary area.
Safety Edges - Safety Edges   View Specifications
Safety Edges are used to protect dangerous closing edges at automatic doors and gates, shutters, vehicle doors or in the machinery industry. Depending on the force and speed of the moving part a suitable rubber profile has to be selected.
Safety Mats - Safety Mats   View Specifications
Safety Mats used in switching or safety applications are characterized by their high response sensitivity and their sturdy construction. The safety mats are available in different shapes and designs, including the complete mounting accessories.
Contact Mats are used for detecting people or objects within a defined area. They serve to safeguard danger zones and thereby provide protection for people, or alternatively are used as switching elements in comfort applications.
Switching Unit - Switching Unit   View Specifications
Together with electrical sensors such as safety edges, contact mats and safety bumpers, Bircher Reglomat switching units form recognized safety systems that meet international safety standards.
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