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Pump Packing - Braided Aramid/Kevlar   View Specifications
Klinger Style 25 Packing is manufactured from the well-known yellow aramid fibre which is renowned for being an exceptionally strong, yet flexible yarn, allowing it to be used in higher pressure applications than normal braided packings. The steel-like strength of the yarn makes it ideally suitable for use as back-up rings with other types of packing to resist extrusion.
Pump Packing - Braided Asb/Flax/PTFE Style 1010   View Specifications
Klinger Style 1010 Packing is manufactured from pure long-fibre white chrysotile asbestos yarn, which is thoroughly lubricated with a high flash point, semi-colloidal mixture of heavy mineral oil and graphite. 
The yarns are individually lubricated and the Klinger-lock principle is used to manufacture the packing, which allows for maximum lubrication, and enables the packing to stay soft even under the most arduous conditions. Its extremely low friction characteristics reduce shaft wear because it eases fabric to metal contact.
Pump Packing - Braided Asb/Flax/PTFE Style 2007   View Specifications
The suppleness, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and excellent heat dissipation properties of PTFE/Graphite make TEADIT Style 2007 one of the most widely versatile packing in the market.  FMPA approved for food applications.
Pump Packing - Braided Asb/Flax/PTFE Style 4301   View Specifications
Klinger Style 4301  is manufactured from a long fiber asbestos yarn in Klinger-lock construction.
Before the braiding process is started, each individual strand of asbestos is coated with PTFE to ensure lubricant is encapsulated inside the packing. Once the braiding process is completed, a coating of PTFE is added to act as a break-in lubricant.  The perfectly square construction of this packing will result in better sealing with less gland pressure.
Klinger Style 4301 does not contain additional lubricants, thus it can be used where solvents and detergents are present.
Pump Packing - Braided Asb/Flax/PTFE Style 4307   View Specifications
Klinger Style 4307 PTFE Stern Gland Packing is braided from carefully selected, long fibre, treated flax yarn of the highest quality.
Pump Packing - Braided Asb/Flax/PTFE Style General   View Specifications
TEADIT Style 2124 is made from 100% pure PTFE it has excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperature low level of friction and adhesion it can be used in connection with most liquids and gaseous substances including steam and oxygen the style 2124 comes in sizes of 2 mm diameter to 30 mm diameter with temperatures ranging from -100c to 280c pressure up to 100 bar 0 to 14 ph and density of 1.6gm/cm2.
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon Blacklon 4322   View Specifications
Klinger Style 4322 is a non-asbestos packing, braided using the Klinger-lock method from pure PTFE. A special technique has been used so that copious quantities of free graphite are incorporated giving the packing markedly better heat transfer properties when compared to other graphitized pure PTFE types. The incorporation of graphite greatly reduces frictional heat, and the temperature of the packing on the sliding surface rises very little above ambient.
Klinger Style 4322 is an extremely supple and conformable packing, making it good for use on worn shafts, and the reduced expansion of the packing within the temperature limits... more»
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon Flexgraf 3222   View Specifications
Klinger Style 3222 Flexygraf Packing is a unique packing, braided from expanded graphite, giving it capabilities which are without equal when used as a mechanical compression packing. Its effectiveness is a function of its crystalline structure, which gives Klinger Style 3222 Flexygraf Packing the permanent resilience and elasticity so important in ensuring the effectiveness of mechanical packings.
Klinger Style 3222 Flexygraf Packing has permanent resilience, is self-lubricating, chemically inert, relatively soft and compressible, will not wick or leak by capillarity, has an indefinite shelf life and is plaited from pure expanded graphite without resins, fillers or binders. This makes... more»
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon Kylon 4330   View Specifications
Klinger Style 4330 is a new generation inter-braided synthetic packing, offering the utility of asbestos, the toughness of aramid fibre, the low friction of carbon fibre, and the chemical resistance and non-staining characteristics of PTFE, making it the first real multi-purpose packing without environmental concerns or premium costs.
Being a soft, pliable fibre, individually coated with PTFE lubricants and further lubricated with a paraffinic oil, it readily reacts to even the slightest of gland pressures, conforms easily to stuffing box configurations, does not cause excessive shaft wear, resists extrusion, is clean to handle and will not leach... more»
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon Polymide 4333   View Specifications
Klinger Style 4333 Polyimide Packing is a distinctive packing, braided from organic synthetic polyimide base yarn to which textile properties have been given.  These textile properties improve elongation and tenacious characteristics.
Klinger Style 4333 is another step away from the use of asbestos packing material.  It is clean, easy to handle packing and a very useful and economic alternative to Aramid and PTFE types of packing.
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon TEADIT 2202   View Specifications
TEADIT Style 2202 is the newest generation of graphite packings, specifically designed for very demanding applications.  Its special construction allows use in areas where normal expanded graphite packings fail.  The pure carbon fibres reinforcing the corners and body of this packing, make Style 2202 at least 3 times more resistant to extrusion and also extremely pressure resistant.
Pump Packing - Food Grade
Food Process Packing is constructed with a specially designed lubricant to provide superior sealing capability, especially in rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers and agitators. Interbraided construction ensures maximum strength as well as minimal wicking of fluid through the packing.
Valve Stem Packing - Braided Asb/Inc Style 1028   View Specifications
Klinger Style 1028 is the ideal high-temperature, high-pressure valve stem packing.  Constructed in the braid-over-core method, the jacket is manufactured from high-grade long fibre asbestos yarn reinforced with inconel wire, ensuring high tensile strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures and pressures.
Valve Stem Packing - Braided PTFE Style 54S   View Specifications
Klinger Style 54S is manufactured in Klinger-lock construction from pure PTFE filament yarns which have been surface treated with PTFE dispersion prior to braiding. This, along with modern technology used in the braiding process, results in an almost perfectly square packing ensuring increased sealing contact with reduced gland pressures.
Valve Stem Packing - Valvelon (PTFE)   View Specifications
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