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General Products - Caps & Plugs
These caps and plugs are ideal for sealing and protecting threaded and non-threaded parts such as tubing, connectors and engine openings.
They also act as protection for painting, powder coating, plating and grit blasting operations.
Our Technical staff can design a protective part specifically for your application if we do not have a standard part available.
General Products - Dead Blow Hammer
These Dead Blow Hammers were specifically developed to prevent damage to delicate body parts.  The hammer is totally encapsulated in a tough polyurethane elastomer which will not cause damage to painted surfaces or metal sheeting, and to prevent any rebound effects, lead-shot is encapsulated within the head.
General Products - Fruit Polisher
General Products - General Products
Urethane offers many qualities which allow for replacement of rubber and high cost components.  Gentech uses the latest high-tech polyurethane material.
General Products - Tube Expander Ring
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