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Chevrons (Vee Packs) - Chevrons(Vee Packs)
These PTFE Chevrons are made to suit various diameters and stack heights.
Inward & Outward Seals - Inward & Outward Seals
These PTFE Seals are wedge shaped and are mostly used in the Bag Control Cylinder Packings.
Piston Seals - Piston Seals
These PTFE Seals have a strong outer lip specially designed for piston applications.
Rod/Gland Seals - Rod/Gland Seals
These PTFE Seals are specially manufactured with a robust inner lip and are especially durable for rod applications.
Seal Kits - Seal Kits
Our Seal Kits consist of all replaceable sealing components, ensuring ease of fitment for the maintenance team.
Slide Pipe / Feedline - Slide Pipe / Feedline
All inward and outward pointing seals as well as feed-line seals, Chevrons and O-Rings are manufactured from virgin PTFE / Teflon.
Soot Blowers - Soot Blowers
Gentech manufactures Soot Blower Packing from extrusion resistant carbon filled PTFE.
Wear Bands - Wear Bands
Gentech offers a range of PTFE wear bands, which act as guides for metallic pistons and rods in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. They are also commonly used in maintenance free applications, where the dry-running properties of PTFE are utilized. The thickness, width and length of the tape bearing can be made-up to suit your application.
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