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Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Aerosol Penetrant
PS23 Aerosol Penetrating Lubricant has excellent releasing and freeing properties and is a very advanced formulation that lubricates as it penetrates fast.
Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Chl. Free Metal Treatment   View Specifications
PS23 Chlorine Free Metal Treatment is a lubricant for the treatment of engine and other mineral oils.
Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Gear Treatment   View Specifications
PS23 Gearbox Treatment can be used in manual gearboxes and differentials of cars, trucks and busses, as well as off road equipment and for heavy industrial use in transmissions and drives.
Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Metal Treatment
PS23 Metal Treatment is a pure mineral oil base product that contains no solid substances such as Teflon, Graphite or Moly, and is designed to reduce wear, friction and temperature to the minimum.  It is a Metal Treatment in the form of an oil or an oil fortifier.
Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Pneumatic
Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Synthetic Gear Oil
PS23 Synthetic Gear Oil is a fully synthetic high performance gear fluid, meeting the viscosity grade ISO VG 320.  The product is specifically designed for severe service in hypoid gears.  This lubricant reduces operating temperature, extends gear life and is significantly more resistant to oxidation and acid formation than mineral GL5 gear oils and because of this, has a considerable longer operational lifespan.
Oil Additives - PS23 Anti Friction - Waylube   View Specifications
PS23 Waylube is an extreme pressure lubricant specifically developed for metal working machines. The product overcomes the detrimental effects of corrosion and solid material contamination with excellent rust and anti-corrosion properties. The product is unique, tenacious and ensures efficient lubrication on high pressure, fine tolerance sliding surfaces.
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