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Food Grease - Food Grease
Not only is this grease especially good in areas where grease may be in contact with food products, but it is also water resistant and therefore works extremely well in all Food Processing Plants.
Food Grease - PS23 Food Grease
PS23 Food Grade Grease is high performance, multi-purpose, food machinery grease that is white in colour, odourless, tasteless and water resistant.  Manufactured from a blend of a synthetic Polyurea Complex thickener and food grade white oils.
Gear Grease - Gear Grease
Wire Rope & Open gear Lubricant.
Grease - Calcium Complex   View Specifications
Calcium Complex Grease is released at operating temperatures and molecularly binds lubricant to metal friction surfaces for improved lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and extreme pressures, maximising component life and reducing wear, power consumption, noise and vibration.
Grease - Coupling Grease
PS23 Coupling Grease is Urea base stable, smooth, bluish green grease, designed for use in flexible couplings.  It is made with specially selected high viscosity base oil and contains an additive package to provide extreme pressure properties and resistance to wear, corrosion and oxidation.
Grease - Doxa Bearing   View Specifications
PS23 Doxa Grease is a Lithium Base, premium heavy-duty, multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease made from high viscosity base stocks, lithium soap, a unique additive system and a tackiness agent.  Doxa Grease has outstanding water resistance and rust protection, as well as a high load-carrying capacity.  It is specially designed for all those extreme conditions where water, dirt, dust, shock loads, vibration and extreme pressures render conventional greases inadequate.
Grease - Extrema   View Specifications
Grease - General
This is a blend of ultra fine metal particles in a modified grease base with special extreme pressure additives and anti-corrosion package. Ensures a unique anti-seize formulation that will not fail, even at high temperatures.
The product is suitable for all applications where extreme temperatures, chemical and damp environments are encountered. Reduces maintenance time, saves threads and parts for re-use and protects against rust and corrosion. The product is available with a copper or nickel base. In electrical applications, due to the metal base, current flow / transfer is enhanced.
Grease - High Temp Voltec   View Specifications
PS23 High Temp Voltec Grease is premium industrial grease made from Synthetic Hydrocarbon Fluid, a non-soap thickener and selected additives.  It is characterized by low and high temperature lubricating ability well beyond mineral oil based greases.  It exhibits outstanding low torque, long lubricant life, and low bearing wear, high load carrying capacity, corrosion protection and good water resistance.
Grease - Lithium   View Specifications
PS23 Protecto Lithium Complex Grease is extreme pressure grease specifically formulated for the lubrication of most automotive, truck and tractor applications.
Grease - Maxima   View Specifications
PS23 Maxima Grease is based on Protecto Lithium, the only difference being a higher concentration of PS23 Metal Treatment Concentrate.  This is a product developed for use in gearboxes of industrial grinders.
Grease - Ventura   View Specifications
PS23 Ventura is extreme pressure open gear grease that provides a tenacious adhesive water-resistant film that is capable of withstanding very high loads.  It also provides outstanding wear protection and rust resistance.
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