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Anti-Seize - Anti-Seize Nickle
Nickel Anti-Seize Compound.  Nickel Anti-Seize is recommended where very different metals are used together such as brass and steel because Nickel is a hard metal and keeps surface apart. It is also used where high Nickel alloy metals such as Stainless Steel, or where Titanium or other hard metals are involved. Nickel Anti-Seize is also used where metals such as Copper cannot be present such as in caustic, ammonium or high acidity processing plants.
Belt Grip -
Chain Creep - Chain Creep
Chain Lube - Chain Lube
Specially formulated to penetrate between the close clearance of chain drive bushing and pins to provide critical lubrication. 
Cut-Tec - Cut-Tec
Lubricant for all types of metal cutting and forming.  Used on gear cutters, broaches, grinders, and automatic screw machines.
Electric Motor Cleaner - Electric Motor Cleaner
Removes grease, sludge, dirt from operating (or disassembled) motors and electrical systems.
Hand Cleaner - Hand Protector
PS23 Hand Protector is a special formula skin protector to be applied before doing work. It is completely safe for use on all sensitive skins. It provides a slip-free grip. Tools and moving parts can be safely handled with complete dexterity.
Hand Cleaner - Lanolin
General purpose, medium grit hand cleaner with Lanolin.
Hand Cleaner - Liquid Pearly Pink
This multi-purpose Hand Cleaner is extremely soft on all types of skin in the most severe applications.
Hand Cleaner - Standard   View Specifications
This is a solvent base waterless hand cleaner. Contains natural soap and synthetic detergents. Contains no aromatic solvents.
Benefits:   Readily emulsifies grease, dirt and acid.  Mild on skin.  Can wipe clean with cloth or rinse under water.  Antiseptic clean smelling fragrance.
Penetrating Lube - Penetrating Lube   View Specifications
PS23 Aerosol Penetrant has excellent releasing and freeing properties and is a very advanced formulation that lubricates as it penetrates fast. It is a product closely related to the PS23 METAL TREATMENT OIL and is packed as an aerosol for spray application on tight bolts, nuts, rusty locks, hinges, tools, chains, bearings, sticky carburetor throttles, clutch and hand brake cables, blinds, curtain rails and on anything that squeaks, slides, rolls or swivels.
Restolene - Laundry   View Specifications
Restolene Laundry Liquid is the twin and complimentary product to the all-purpose cleaner and also utilizes the B-Cide technology to kill germs in the laundry. Its germ fighting properties are the same as the cleaner.
Restolene - Multi-Purpose   View Specifications
Restolene,  the multi-purpose cleaner,  is available as a concentrate or mixed to a variety of strengths for specific purposes, i.e., floors, countertops, glass, laundry stain removal. Everyone who has sampled the product has reported extraordinary and very positive results. It is totally safe around food. Its primary germicidal ingredient, B-Cide is an EPA-proven germ killer. It kills bacteria and viruses.
Rust Protector - Rust Protector   View Specifications
PS23 Rust Protector is a unique product that can control corrosion on all metals. It protects hinges, nuts, bolts, sliding mechanisms, door rollers, inner vehicle panels and other assemblies, etc. As it eliminates moisture containing dirt and pollutants it protects the metal for long periods.
Rust Remover - Rust Remover   View Specifications
This product can remove rust from metal surfaces ranging in severity from light surface rust (discolouring) in 30 minutes to severe rust in 24 hours.
Any metal surface that is prone to rusting such as components in storage before assembly as well as fully constructed equipment such as lawnmowers to caterpillars, as well as steel structures that are exposed to the elements. In fact, wherever a metal surface that has its protective coating damaged in usage, those areas can be treated to stop the rust.
Rust Transformer - Rust Transformer
Rust Transformer.  Chemically transforms rust into rust inhibiting protective film.
Solvent Cleaner - Solvent Cleaner
Safety Solvent Cleaner.  Non-flammable cleaner and degreaser for electrical and mechanical equipment.
Thread Seal Paste/Tape - Thread Seal Paste/Tape
High quality pure PTFE Thread Sealant.
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