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Biosil - Biosil PT0 & PT2   View Specifications
Biosil is a recyclable biosoluble mineral wool. It increase's the efficiency of advanced exhaust gas systems for internal combustion engines.  Biosil sustainably enhances the sound-absorbing properties compared with existing continuous fibers.
Powertex - Powertex   View Specifications
The excellent sound absorbency of this textile glass fibre sets a new standard and represents a significant contribution to the techniques of noise reduction in modern vehicles. Environmentally friendly, the new glass formulation of powertex continuous filament also offers high corrosion resistance and thermal durability.
Resin - Resin
S/S Inlet Assembly - 5.1 Left & Right Hand
S/S Outlet Assembly - 5.1 Left & Right Hand
S/S Perf'd Pipe - Stainless Steel Pipe   View Specifications
S/S Wool - Stainless Steel Wool   View Specifications
S/S Wool Mat - Stainless Steel Wool Mat   View Specifications
S/S Wool Sock - 20g   View Specifications
S/S Wool Sock - 40g   View Specifications
S/S Wool Sock - Other   View Specifications
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