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Docking Truck - Bump Stops
Docking Truck Stops are used to protect the truck from the force of a collision.  They may be mounted onto the back of a truck.
Matting - Truck Matting
Developed specifically for the trucking industry, Truck Mat is the latest in truck floor technology. This low cost flooring is the perfect surface to protect both the truck and it's load. Made from low density polyethylene, Truck Mat is tough, durable and impact resistant, even at extreme low temperatures. Truck Mat incorporates a revolutionary surface design that prevents slipping if the surface is wet, but allows for easy sliding of boxes when loading.
The mats are slightly raised above floor level which protects the load from water logged floors and ensures total drainage of water from the vehicle. Clear... more»
Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chocks   View Specifications
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