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2 Stroke - 2 Stroke   View Specifications
PS23 2 Stroke Oil Booster will not only increase the performance of a 2-stroke motorbike, motorboat, lawnmower, etc. by 10% but also extend the engine's life dramatically. Prolonged maintenance and a decline in mechanical failures has made this a necessity in any 2-stroke engine application.
Air Freshner - Air Freshner
Deodorizes stale and damp odours of the interior of a car.
Anti-Freeze - Anti-Freeze   View Specifications
PS23 Anti-Freeze protects against freezing.  Prevents overheating in summer.  Lubricates water pump. Stops rust and corrosion.  Prevents scale and sludge build-up.
Engine Flush - Engine Flush   View Specifications
Apart from cleaning, PS23 Engine Flush also lubricates the parts.  Neutralizes acid by-products in old oil. Removes varnish deposits and sludge.  Cleans and frees piston rings.  Protects engine parts with unique PS23 formulation.   Improves performance.  It can be applied to all diesel and petrol combustion engines.
Petrol/Diesel Conditioner - Petrol/Diesel Conditioner   View Specifications
PS23 Petrol/Diesel Conditioner dispenses of gummy insoluble residues primarily caused by oxidation of fuel components and inhibits their formation. It reduces deposits that cause filter and injector plugging and prevents increase of exhaust smoke. Improves overall efficiency and fuel consumption.
Radiator Flush - Radiator Flush   View Specifications
PS23 Radiator Flush is a mild organic acid blend with rust inhibitor.   The benefits are the following, removes scale deposits, cleans out coolant system and improves heat transfer efficiency.
Wash & Wax - Wash & Wax   View Specifications
PS23 Wash & Wax is a concentrated blend of silicones and soluble wax together with a powerful detergent base. It protects your paint work against effects of sun, rain and dust with added rust inhibitors for extra protection especially in aggressive environments.
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