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Deadblow Hammers - Deadblow Hammers
These Dead Blow Hammers were specifically developed to prevent damage to delicate body parts.  The hammer is totally encapsulated in a tough polyurethane elastomer which will not cause damage to painted surfaces or metal sheeting, and to prevent any rebound effects, lead-shot is encapsulated within the head.
Door Stopper - Door Stopper
This architecturally designed Door Stopper has many features that the older type of stoppers never had. Our Door Stopper has a unique inner hub that is firstly fastened to either the floor or the wall by means of a screw. Thereafter a colour coded soft stopper is snapped over the hub, resulting in a smooth contoured stopper with no unsightly screws. Available colours are grey, white, brown, red and black.
Easy Slides - Easy Slides
Nylon Hammer Heads - Nylon Hammer Heads
Parking Mat - Parking Mat
The ultimate way to park with confidence. This park mat helps you determine exactly where to stop your vehicle.The flat tongue uses the vehicles weight to keep the mat from moving. One size fits all passenger cars, trucks and trailers.
Soft Vice Jaws - Soft Vice Jaws
Spades (Plastic) - Spades (Plastic)   View Specifications
Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chocks   View Specifications
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