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Vent Trimming Blade - Vent Trimming Blades
Used exclusively in Tyre Manufacturing Industry to trim the vents on the newly fabricated tyre after it comes out of moulding.
Available with 9 or 14 grooves.
Vita Cap Seals - Vita Cap Seals
These seals were previously extruded from rubber, which hardened in a short period of time and had a limited and inconsistent life span.  These seals were not endless and had to be spliced and joined in situ.Due to the inherent problems, these seals are now extruded from a high elastomer, which does not harden and retains its memory to ensure perfect sealing in all conditions, which more than triples the life span of the old seals.  These seals are either supplied endless or as an extrusion, to customers requirements.
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