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Black Bros. Rollers (Rebonded) - Black Bros. Rollers (Rebonded)
We manufacture new as well as rebond using a special grade of elastomer.  This roller is used to transfer cement onto the retread to ensure better adhesion when vulcanizing the retread to the worn carcass/tyre.
Hydraulic Seals - Hydraulic Seals
The term "hydraulic seals" actually describes a class of seals that are used in applications with either rotary or reciprocating motions. Hydraulic seals are exposed to hydraulic fluids such as hydrocarbon and phosphate ester and are designed for high-pressure dynamic applications such as hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic seals usually need to be higher friction seals than pneumatic seals but often operate under lower operating speeds.
Insulation Boards - Insulation Boards   View Specifications
Gentech manufactures high-density non-asbestos Insulation Boards for all presses.
Tread Supports - Tread Supports
Previously when buffing retreads in excess of 10m long that were more flexible because of the type of tread pattern, it was difficult to obtain the required finish without any means of support.We manufacture tread supports from a special high grade of elastomer to customer requirements.
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