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Food Grade Grease - Food Grade Grease
Not only is this grease especially good in areas where grease may be in contact with food products, but it is also water resistant and therefore works extremely well in all Food Processing Plants.
Pallet Jacks - Pallet Jacks   View Specifications
All purpose Jacks for lifting, lowering, holding and moving all types of loads.
Rotary Joint Seals - Fluiten Seal Kits
Rotary Joint Seals - Yale Rotary   View Specifications
The Johnson Fluiten and Kadant Johnson range of rotary joints provide a rotating seal between a stationary supply and a revolving roll or drum.  The Johnson Fluiten rotary joints are designed for water, steam, air and thermal oil service. The product utilizes corrosive-resistant materials such as stainless steel and brass.
The Kadant Johnson rotary joints are designed for high temperature steam and can also be used for water applications.
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