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Aperture Covers - PU - Aperture Covers - PU
Blasting Masks - PU - Blasting Masks - PU
Deadblow Hammers - Deadblow Hammers
These Dead Blow Hammers were specifically developed to prevent damage to delicate body parts.  The hammer is totally encapsulated in a tough polyurethane elastomer which will not cause damage to painted surfaces or metal sheeting, and to prevent any rebound effects, lead-shot is encapsulated within the head.
Lifting Slings Coated - Lifting Slings Coated
The Web Slings get suspended between two poles on the storage trolley.  They are used to store tyres safely, supporting the tyre radially underneath preventing it from becoming distorted.
Wedges - PU - Wedges - PU
Welding Curtains - Welding Curtains
Welding curtains offer protection from dangerous welding flash and sparks produced by welding/grinding operations.
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