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Belzona Metal Repair Products - Ceramic R-Metal   View Specifications
Ceramic R-Metal is a repair system designed for rebuilding metals damaged by erosion-corrosion.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - Ceramic S-Metal   View Specifications
Ceramic R-Metal is a repair system designed for rebuilding metals damaged by erosion-corrosion.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - Degreaser/Cleaner   View Specifications
Solvent for degreasing.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - High Temp Coating   View Specifications
Coating system for high temperature equipment handling water and aqueous solutions.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - Other
Metal erosion is a continual problem in Industry and often results in costly equipment having to be replaced, such as pumps, valves and pipes.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - SR Elastomer   View Specifications
A two-part, rapid curing elastomeric material for repairing and rebuilding rubber components.  Allows repaired component to be put back into service almost immediately.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - Super E-Metal   View Specifications
Super E-Metal is a rapidly solidifying repair system for emergency and permanent bonding, repairing or rebuilding of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Belzona Metal Repair Products - Super Metal   View Specifications
Engineering grade repair system for repairing and rebuilding machinery and equipment.
Cable Roller - Cable Roller - Silicone
Catepillar Pads - Catepillar Pads
Coatings - Anti-corrosion - Primers
Corrosion resistant primer/spot primer.
Coatings - Anti-corrosion - Top Coats
Single and two component, UV stable  and non UV stable paint systems.  SABS colour chart colours and clear systems.
Coatings - Floor - Urethane
Brush grade PU systems for abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance.
Gasket Sheeting -
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon-2202   View Specifications
TEADIT Style 2202 is the newest generation of graphite packings, specifically designed for very demanding applications.  Its special construction allows use in areas where normal expanded graphite packings fail.  The pure carbon fibres reinforcing the corners and body of this packing, make Style 2202 at least 3 times more resistant to extrusion and also extremely pressure resistant.
Pump Packing - Braided Graph/Carbon-4322   View Specifications
Klinger Style 4322 is a non-asbestos packing, braided using the Klinger-lock method from pure PTFE. A special technique has been used so that copious quantities of free graphite are incorporated giving the packing markedly better heat transfer properties when compared to other graphitized pure PTFE types. The incorporation of graphite greatly reduces frictional heat, and the temperature of the packing on the sliding surface rises very little above ambient.
Klinger Style 4322 is an extremely supple and conformable packing, making it good for use on worn shafts, and the reduced expansion of the packing within the temperature limits... more»
Spiral Wound - Type CR (Asbestos)   View Specifications
Utilizes an external ring which accurately centers gasket on flange face; provides additional radial strength to prevent gasket blow-out and acts as a compression stop. A general purpose gasket suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges. Class 900 and above an internal ring is recommended.
Technical Maintenance Products - Anti-Seize Nickel
Nickel Anti-Seize Compound.  Nickel Anti-Seize is recommended where very different metals are used together such as brass and steel because Nickel is a hard metal and keeps surface apart. It is also used where high Nickel alloy metals such as Stainless Steel, or where Titanium or other hard metals are involved. Nickel Anti-Seize is also used where metals such as Copper cannot be present such as in caustic, ammonium or high acidity processing plants.
Technical Maintenance Products - Rust Protector   View Specifications
PS23 Rust Protector is a unique product that can control corrosion on all metals. It protects hinges, nuts, bolts, sliding mechanisms, door rollers, inner vehicle panels and other assemblies, etc. As it eliminates moisture containing dirt and pollutants it protects the metal for long periods.
Technical Maintenance Products - Rust Remover   View Specifications
This product can remove rust from metal surfaces ranging in severity from light surface rust (discolouring) in 30 minutes to severe rust in 24 hours.
Any metal surface that is prone to rusting such as components in storage before assembly as well as fully constructed equipment such as lawnmowers to caterpillars, as well as steel structures that are exposed to the elements. In fact, wherever a metal surface that has its protective coating damaged in usage, those areas can be treated to stop the rust.
Wiper Discs - Discs - PU
Washers are placed beneath a nut, an axle bearing, or a joint, to relieve friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure
Wiper Discs - Wiper Discs - PU
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