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Bump Stops & Drum Stops - Bump Stops & Drum Stops
These Bump Stops are usually supplied in a rubber material. The rubber often absorbs oil, which results in de-bonding.
Gentech manufactures Bump Stops from a tough elastomer that is oil resistant and durable, ensuring much longer life.
Demag Pendant Sheaths - Demag Pendant Sheaths
Document Holders - Document Holders
Our Document Holders are made from clear impact resistant acrylic and can easily be attached to the side of a machine, or installed at a workstation.

Operators can easily view spec sheets or instructions without handling the documents, thereby preventing the paperwork from being soiled.
Horizontal and Vertical Holders are available.
Oven Door Seals - Oven Door Seals
Gentech manufactures endless gaskets from a high temperature elastomer, which does not harden and retains its memory to ensure perfect sealing in all conditions. Generally, the life span of our gaskets is from 2-8 months, depending on the condition of the equipment.
PTFE O-Ring - PTFE O-Ring   View Specifications
PTFE is a popular O-Ring which is white in colour. The PTFE O-Rings are popular for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material.
It is also very tough and abrasive resistant.
Seal-lon PTFE Gasketing - PTFE Gaskting Adhesive
Seal-lon is a pliable PTFE flat cord with or without adhesive backing and is used for making quick and easy gaskets and seals for flanges and covers.
Seal-lon fills voids and is effective on irregular surfaces.
Seal-lon PTFE Gasketing - PTFE Valvelon   View Specifications
Valve Seal has a braided jacket of PTFE wrapped around a pliable core of PTFE. It is chemically resistant and easily compresses into uneven flanges to fill voids. Because of its low friction characteristics and because it never hardens, it is most ideal for Valve Gland Packing.
Wire Brushes - Wire Brushes - PU Coated
These Polyurethane encapsulated wire brushes clean coated metallic catalytic converters without causing damage.       

The Polyurethane makes the brush more rigid and therefore longer lasting, and is also a safety feature.
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