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Blades - Anvil Blades & Holders
Used for cutting ply to the correct width.
Blades - Bias Blades
Circular bias cutter blades are manufactured using high alloy tool steel blades with consistent, fully ground teeth. Cutting edges have minimal runout, providing longer edge life. Blades are reversible for twice the life.
Blades - Calamard/Crush Blades
Used for slitting/scoring the fabric in Tyre Industries. 
Suitable for machines like Cameron and others.
Blades - Hook Knife
Available with plastic ergonomic handle - will not spread contamination inside your factory like wood handles can. These handles are more comfortable to use.
Blades - Mill Knife Blades
Used for cutting processed rubber.  Our Mill Blades are made from high speed steel, semi-high speed steel, and high carbon alloy steel.  Widths available:

-  9/16" (14.29 mm)
-  5/8" (15.88 mm)
-  3/4" (19.05 mm)
Blades - Skiver Blade Protector
The sharp cutting edge of a Skiver Blade can be a Safety Hazard if left unprotected during storage or in the sharpening process. Furthermore, the cutting edges can be easily damaged resulting in costly replacement charges.
Gentech manufactures a multi-layered Blade Protector from a tough elastomer that encases the entire blade, and also facilitates easy handling and transportation of the blades.
Blades - Skiver Blades
Used in cutting rubber tubes in Tyre Manufacturing Industries.
Blades - Square Point Knife
Our square point knives are available in a variety of lengths, in high carbon or chrome vanadium steel of various gauges, and are available with or without a guard. The insulated handle option prevents handle burn-out when knives are used with knife heaters. The hollow ground and "V" tip options are suitable for specific cutting operations. The ergonomic handle option, which provides a more comfortable and secure grip, is ideal for knives used in repetitive jobs.
Blades - Vent Trimming Blades
Used exclusively in Tyre Manufacturing Industry to trim the vents on the newly fabricated tyre after it comes out of moulding.
Available with 9 or 14 grooves.
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