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Bottle Feeders - PU - Bottle Feeders - PU
Bottle Platforms - PU - Bottle Platforms
Bungs - Silicone - Bungs - Silicone
Silicone Bungs  can be used for many high temperature masking applications. High temperature silicone Bungs are ideal for masking blind and threaded holes during painting, powder coating, e-coating, enamelling, anodising, electroplating and other metal finishing applications and are now widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries.
As well as being able to withstand high temperature their flexibility gives them a good sealing capability.
Covers - Plastic - Covers - Plastic
Guards - Plastic - Guards - Plastic
Machine guards on all types of industrial machines can have several functions. In some industrials processes very high speeds can be developed within the machines (e.g. milling equipment, lathes, etc.) and the machine operators have to be protected from potential objects being projected at them at high speeds from within the machine.
Nozzles - Nozzles - PU
Nozzles - Nozzles - Silicone
Slides - HDPE - Slides - HDPE
Polyethylene wear strips are commonly used in conveyor systems and often have special shapes to clip into channels.
Wear Strips - Moly/PU - Wear Strips - Moly/PU
Chute lining protects and cushions the chute from the material being handled.
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