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Bungs - Silicone - Bungs - Silicone
Silicone Bungs  can be used for many high temperature masking applications. High temperature silicone Bungs are ideal for masking blind and threaded holes during painting, powder coating, e-coating, enamelling, anodising, electroplating and other metal finishing applications and are now widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries.
As well as being able to withstand high temperature their flexibility gives them a good sealing capability.
Caps & Plugs - PU - Caps & Plugs - PU
These caps and plugs are ideal for sealing and protecting threaded and non-threaded parts such as tubing, connectors and engine openings.
They also act as protection for painting, powder coating, plating and grit blasting operations.
Our Technical staff can design a protective part specifically for your application if we do not have a standard part available.
Mechanical Seals - AES Seals
AESSEAL design and manufacture a wide range of special seals and are experts in sealing in many different industries.
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