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Dealing With Us

When dealing with us it is helpful to bear in mind the following:

 Please notify us about ordering or shipping errors within two days of receipt of your order. This should preferably be done by fax or alternatively by contacting your sales representative. All returns once approved by your respective sales representative must be accompanied by the original invoice number.

If a shortage is discovered in your order, please notify us as soon as possible. We view shortages in an extremely serious light. When advising us of a shortage, please provide the relevant invoice number.

If a correctly supplied and order item is returned, it will be credited subject to a 10% handling charge together with the transport cost. Replacement items will be sold at the current price. No direct exchanges will be made. Credit normally takes eight to twelve days to process from the time we receive the goods in our warehouse. If your terms are COD we will subtract the credit from your next order.

Catalogue part numbers & descriptions
We have found that your use of catalogue part numbers, descriptions and units of measure when placing orders substantially reduces errors and facilitates the prompt processing of your orders.

Soon our customers will be able to use our online ordering facility to place orders and request quotations.

Besides local orders we utilize the services of a recognised transport company for all our goods. Any order placed would automatically be dispatched via this carrier. Should you wish your goods to be sent with a transport company of your choice it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are collected from our premises and the cost would be for your account regardless of the volume of the order.

Prices will change depending on currency fluctuations and other factors. Due to this fact it is not possible for us to issue price lists. However if you require a specific price please phone our telesales department.

 Our terms are strictly 30 days. This 30 day period refers to the number of days from the date of statement. A finance charge of 2% above the current prime rate will accrue to your account should payment not be received within a 60 day period. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for postal delays and in fact encourage customers to transfer payment directly to our bank account. For account details please contact our credit department.

Fees Collection
In the event of us having to take legal action in order to recover money on an account, the cost of this legal action will be for the account of the customer.

Returned Cheques
If a cheque from your company is returned "RD" by the bank, a R50.00 service charge will be added to your account. Your account will be altered to a COD cash only account and/or your credit limit reduced.



#1 Manufacturer of cast Polyurethane Elastomer components, as well as other injection moulded parts.


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